Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day and Jane Austen

Hitty Joy reminds us that today is Earth Day.

She suggests that we do some work in the garden to contribute to our little bit of the world.

We check on the wildlife to make sure they are happy and healthy

Plant some seeds...

...and discuss how we can encourage wildlife into the pond which will in turn just help a little bit in contributing to looking after our Earth.

While we were busy outside our person was busy making up the Jane Austen Bonnet kit that JOC sent us last year.

Hitty Joy has the smallest head so she got to model it.

A very fine specimen of a bonnet it is indeed.

Doesn't Hitty Joy look a treat in it, and she seems very happy indeed.

In all its glory.


  1. Truly a glorious bonnet! I love those little flowers

    1. Thank you, isn't it just wonderful?


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