Saturday, 12 April 2014

Letters, Postcards, Fabric & Dresses

While away Hitty Madge received some wonderful letters from her friends.  She hopes they all received their postcards!

Hitty Madge loves receiving letters as do we all.

Some fabulous postcards.

A great postcard from Hitty Dauphine and her person Erin was waiting for Hitty Madge when she got home.

While in New Zealand our person took a couple pieces of rose fabric that Hitty Dauphine and Erin had kindly sent to us and made a couple of dresses for Hitty Madge.

 So Hitty Madge has two more rose dresses to add to her collection.

Enjoying the beautiful Bleeding Hearts.

Hitty Madge also had another pretty dress made for her while in NZ.  This was fabric left over from a repair job to her person's sister's sausage dog!

Butterflies, music and birds, a perfect combination.


  1. We love the dresses Hitty Madge is modelling - especially the Butterfly music! Hope you got our letter in NZ!

    1. Oh yes indeed, that post is still to come...had no internet access while in NZ so wasn't able to make it then, but hoping to this week. Thanks so much!

  2. Wonderful dresses. Welcome home Hitty Madge and happy Springtime too. xoxo. Celeste the dolly.

    1. Oh many thanks to Celeste the dolly, Hitty Madge is pleased to be back...


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