Wednesday, 30 April 2014

An Urgent Meeting of the Yellow Hat Society.

Upon hearing news that there are going to be overseas Hittys coming to our fair shores, the Hitty girls called an urgent meeting of the Yellow Hat Society.  They have been rather neglectful of the society, their last meeting, the AGM held well over a year ago.  In fact they are rather ashamed to say they have only ever had two meetings, now this really is not good enough.

They read through the minutes of the last meeting and realise that they have not done too well on their their defence it was decided that last year just wasn't the right time for their person to assist due to health problems, but now they feel they might be able to achieve some of their aims.

They had hoped to:

Make at least one item per month
Make some PIF gifts
Finish their round rug
Make matching dresses and yellow hats for events and meetings.  

Of which none were really achieved.  They were made even more aware of this when they realised that they were still short on rather a few hats and their make shift 'yellow felt crowns' were still in circulation.  They were also rather ashamed that they hadn't made an PIFs either, something that really does need remedying.

They check through their agenda for today's meeting...although there are only four items on the list, they are going to take much discussion.

As noted, hats are indeed a priority.

Discussions on how the tea room is progressing is of course a current topic of discussion among the whole Hitty family at the moment.

One of the most important items to discuss though is setting up a UK Hitty Contingent.  Although they know of one other Hitty family living in England at the moment, this of course being very good news, as for a long time they felt they were perhaps the only ones, although there is of course another family who sadly think of themselves as the 'Not Quite Hitty's' due to some unfortunate gossip, however they are keen to reassure them that they are actually Hitty girls and are welcome any time within the Hitty community.  Anyway you can see that it is easy for them to digress...

Hitty Patience calls them all back on track..

So there being at least TWO other Hitty families in the UK it has been thought a GOOD IDEA to form a group (or committee), that will of course be welcoming to any newcomers and of course more importantly, which is what gave the RCH (Rose Cottage Hittys) and the WCD (Wren Cottage Dolls) the idea, meeting up with any overseas visitors  who come here.  What could be more exciting than to have visitors from other countries and of course making them feel welcome?  

The meeting continues....


  1. Very worthy goals - my Hittys wish they could visit, and help put them into action!

    1. Oh wouldn't that be simply wonderful?!

  2. A UK Hitty Contingent is highly advisable now that there are three verified Hitty households in the nation. I'm glad to see that the meeting is continuing because there hasn't been any tea and biscuits yet. The Sags cannot wait to meet The Rose Cottage Hittys when they visit Blighty.


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