Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hitty Madge visits Audley End

Today Hitty Madge had a lovely visit to Audley End House and Gardens, and is excited to show you her photos.

This beautiful house is very impressive and has lovely grounds

Wonderful tulips and pansies

Hitty Madge enjoyed wandering round.

Just look at these wonderful flowers.

She was thrilled to discover the Dolls House inside the nursery of the grand house.

She met some of the inhabitants.

Had a rest...

Is asked for a dance by the gentleman of the house.

Very charming it was as well.

She inspects the sewing box and can't wait to tell Hitty Ethel all about it and the wonderful needlework.

Just lovely.

Taking a pause out to enjoy her surroundings.

Loving the Kitchen Garden


  1. Wasn't that a lovely day out for Hitty Madge, I hope there was a cream tea at the end of it!

  2. Lucky Hitty! A beautiful day!


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