Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Day Flower Basket

Taking part in the May Basket Challenge - presenting a neighbour with a basket of flowers to cheer them up on the first of May.

Htty Madge discovered there were no suitable baskets to be had in Rose Cottage and try as she might she couldn't find one suitable so decided to make one her self.  After two attempts she was rather pleased with the resulting basket and gathered some lovely wild flowers to fill it up with.

She fusses with it and is pleased with how it is looking..

Hitty Madge presents the basket to Miss Florence, a rather aged lady who lives in the same street as the Rose Cottage Hittys.  

Miss Florence is rather delighted at such a thoughtful gift.


  1. Happy May First to Miss Florence and Madge!

  2. What a lovely May Day all in blues and lilacs :-) Hey, we have Miss Florence's American cousin living here with us - although she isn't lucky enough to have an outfit yet. We like that basket, by the way.


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