Wednesday, 14 May 2014

An afternoon at the garden centre.

Yesterday Hitty Madge enjoyed an afternoon out at the local garden centre.

She gets up close to the dahlias

The were so pretty.

An assortment of colours to delight.

The geraniums were pretty impressive as well, although she wasn't too sure she quite enjoyed their strong scent.

Hitty Madge checks out the Bonsai trees with a view to bringing one home for the Japanese garden...

...she decided against it due to the price and her person's track record of killing them!


  1. Great pictures! So - was Hitty Madge allowed to bring any plants home??

    1. Sadly not this time...but we are going to be going to another (much cheaper with great plants) garden centre in the next few who knows what she will bring home then!

  2. The Quimper Hitty human has has a distinctly purple thumb, which results in the same plant-killing affliction.


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