Sunday, 11 May 2014

More Painting by Hitty Madge and some kite making.

Hitty Madge has been working hard at her art ready for an exhibition she plans to hold later this month.

So far she has four paintings ready

She just has to think of titles for them.


Myself and Hitty Joyful have been busy making kites.

\I place a couple of the Koinobori (Japanese flying carp) kites over one side 

Whist Hitty Joyful places the other.

We hang the kite up as well.  It is all looking very colourful in our yard.


  1. The art works are very charming - I think Madge expresses herself very well as an artist...the Japanese Garden is looking lovely too!

  2. Madge is doing so well with the paintings! We know a little lady who would like to put a red spot onto the sailing ship (which surely is called Sailing into the Sunset, or Out of Dawn?). The kites are magnificent, and the star tree so pretty :-) love from the Wren Cottage Hittys x x x

  3. Hitty Madge's paintings are wonderful!!! I just love that bookshelf behind Hitty Madge in the first picture too!!!


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