Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another Art Class Day

Hitty Madge returned to art class this week and set up her easel to start a new piece.

It is always hard to start with  a blank slate...

...however it didn't take her long to get to work.

She works hard...

...laying down the base colour first.

Now she adds some different colours.

Nearly there...

Later on Hitty Madge shows Hitty Annabelle and asks her opinion...she isn't too sure she has quite got the proportions right and is a bit unhappy with it.  Hitty Annabelle thinks she has done okay for a beginner, but that she could always do a bit more work on it if she feels it needs it.


  1. Keep trying, get better after taking classes, that's why you take them!

  2. Oh it is an art gallery!!! And now I think I see a sewing nook too!


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