Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Urgent Meeting of the Yellow Hat Society Concludes...

Well it seems like the meeting was rather successful and finished with tea, sandwiches and of course the all too important cake.

The sandwiches were soon demolished as the meeting did indeed go on for quite a long time as there was much to be discussed.

Cakes were also enjoyed.

The minutes are currently being typed up by myself, with the assistance of Hitty Madge 

Once typed up I will be able to distribute the minutes and those aims we wish to achieve in the next few weeks, months and over the whole year.

Later in the afternoon, Hitty Madge was itching to get outside for a walk in the countryside.

It was a very fine afternoon and perfect walking weather.

She delighted in the bluebells

and forget me nots.

Other important news in Rose Cottage is the arrival of a rather nice new piece of furniture that our person found in a local CS (charity shop...but hey, who are we to complain?!)  

Hitty Carol Faith, always a bit of diva, pleads faintness to try it out for size.

Becassine, always so caring, checks her out and decides that really it is enough of the dramatics and asks her to get up to let the 'new girl' take a seat.

New Girl?  Yes there is a new girl!  She has been await for a body for rather a long time, languishing as a 'shoulder head'.  Finally our person set to work and made her a body, of which she is delighted. 

'Please take a seat'  Hitty Carol Faith says to Miss Shoulder Head & Body.

Of course the new girl is very quiet...she is still awaiting a body paint and of course hair and features...until then it appears she will remain silent.  Fortunately one of the girls lent her a dress to wear to protect her modesty as really the next picture is rather revealing, and one that we deem is really unnecessary, but sometimes it seems that these 'in the flesh' photos have to be displayed...we haven't quite worked out why yet!

Lastly Hitty Joyful was delighted to be able to spend a few precious minutes in her Tea Room...

She arranged their precious collection of teapots.

...and decided that more were needed!


  1. Lovely Post - it is nice to see the tea shop coming along! And Miss Shoulderhead and body - soon-to-be-Hitty.

  2. So many things happening at Rose Cottage! I'm glad the Hittys got their tea and sandwiches at the end of their AGM. I love the fainting couch, it looks sturdy enough for any size doll to swoon on. And as far as teapots go, there is most definitely room for at least two more on that lovely pine dresser!


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