Sunday, 11 May 2014

A WIP Challenge - 1st Finish

Over on the Hitty Girls group there is a a 'Finish WIP Challenge for May' going on.  We have rather a few WIP in the pipeline and finally finished one today.

Now this is what it looked like - it is going to be a braided rug believe it or not.  Unfortunately we discovered that we have lost the instructions and as such decided to undo what we had done, and machine sew the braids together instead of hand sew them.  It was easier on the hands and also enabled it to like flatter.  However, in the process we misplaced the purple braid!  Oh well, never mind.  Of course it was found once the rug was finished.

Hitty Moana, Becassine, the new girl, Hitty Carol Faith and Hitty Annabelle admire the new rug. 

Yes it will do quite nicely.


  1. Wow! Your rug is amazing!!! I would love to make one of these! What is it made from? It looks like folded strips of fabric or ribbon, maybe?

    1. They are thin folded strips of fabric plaited and then sewn together.

  2. I think it is beautiful - and the Rose Cottage crew seem to be in awe!


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