Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Handkerchief Dress

Found them!  Our small stash of vintage hand embroidered handkerchiefs.

Hitty Ethel set to work.

She asks Hitty Madge to try it for size and checks the front

and checks the back

The side.

Yes this looks like a good fit...hang on a minute the sleeves are wonky...dress yourself properly Hitty Madge!

That is better.

The only bit not hand embroidered is the little flower motif on the bodice which was machine embroidered onto a handkerchief.


  1. Very pretty...I like it...blessings

  2. Beautiful dress!!! I'll definitely be searching for vintage hankies at the thrift stores and antique shops now. :)

  3. Really a charming dress, she's ready for an afternoon party!


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