Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Book Shop

We visited the local book shop today as Hitty Joyful and I in our roles of Miss Happiness & Miss Flower wanted to see if we could find the books that Nona borrowed in the story. 

The book shop has only just opened and we were not disappointed with the selection.

Hitty Joyful was delighted to see so many books and could see many that would prove useful for all our interests.

But we needed to focus so I directed  her eye to the shelf with the Japanese books.

I was sure we would find something on here.

I was right.  I pull out a book to show Hitty Joyful.

She is delighted as this is one of the books listed.

Ooh this is perfect!  She exclaims.

We select three more books and have a sit down to look through them.

Just what we were hoping for.

Hitty Joyful wants to show me another book that she thinks will be perfect for Hitty Madge and her new artistic interests.

She is sure this one will help Hitty Madge set up an art exhibition for their other Hitty friends.

The take the books home and give 'The Art Studio' to Hitty Madge

She is simply delighted and thinks it is just the thing she needs and thanks us for our thoughtfulness.

We sit down in our little Japanese garden with a special tea reading our selection of books.


  1. Oh What an Absolutely Beautiful Post! I Love your library sooo Much, and your Beautiful tribute to "Miss Flower and Miss Happiness" - Your Hittys kimono's are so Lovely and how thoughtful they found the Perfect book for Hitty Madge too - Much Happiness to YoU! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. I agree the books are really great, and the girls look so sweet drinking tea and reading.


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