Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Tea Room and the Inaugural Meeting of the UK Hitty Girls.

Hitty Joyful, with the help of Hitty Granny Estelle,  has been busy doing a stock take of teacups and plates she has for the Tea Room she is hoping to open.  It seems that there are some missing and no where near enough at this stage...of course there is also the problem of no table and chairs either.  Still she has got a cash register!

Later on that day we discuss the upcoming Inaugural meeting of the UK Hitty Girls that is going to be taking place tomorrow. 

We are quite worried about whether or not to take Hitty Carol Faith along with us...concerned about her 'fainting' episodes.  Hitty Joyful points out that is it is only fair that we ask if she would like to come.

We gather as a group, to ask Hitty Carol Faith how she feels and if she is up to a day at the seaside.

Oh my!  She is rather surprised to be asked.

"Oh I would be delighted,"  she tells us as she stands up with dignity that surprised most of us.

Later on we assemble in the Japanese Courtyard all changed into what we have decided to wear on our day out tomorrow.  Sensible Hitty Joyful has her sun hat on.  

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