Friday, 23 May 2014

The Reading of Attic Days.

The family have all been very excited about the arrival of Lucy the other day.  

Today Hitty Annabelle sat down with Lucy's book 'Attic Days: A Patchwork Tale' by Natalie Jo.  She was soon joined by Hitty Ethel, Miles and Brittany.

They all sit down and listen quietly as she begins;

"There was once a little bit of a doll named Lucy who was very lonely indeed"

Hey, she can't be lonely she has all of us now,  pipes up Miles.

Well of course not.  Hitty Annabelle reassures him.  But this is how the story begins and how she came to live with us.  Now please listen quietly to her tale...

"Her days were spent in the dim and drafty attic....

.....patchwork of memories that comforted her from the inside out."

Oh what a sad but wonderful story! Sighs Brittany.

Hang on a minute!  Exclaims Miles...How can her days of taking journeys be long past?  He asks.  It that were the case, then how did she get here?

Oh yes and where is her velvet cushion? Brittany asks

Perhaps it got lost on her journey here.  Hitty Ethel says.  Shall I make her a new one?

Oh yes please do!  Brittany and Miles reply together.

Right then, we will have a search through my fabric stash and see what we can find for Lucy.  Would you both like to help me?  Hitty Ethel asks.

Yes!  They both chorus in excitement.

So she can't be lonely any more can she?  Miles is heard to be asking as they wander off towards the sewing room.


Italics in blue are direct quotes from the book 'Attic Days'  by Natalie Jo


  1. I must say Lucy looks right at home! I am delighted for her...and for me as well. Had you not welcomed her into your home I might never have been privy to the enjoyable antics of UK Hittys. I must say they are quite the friendly group and always up for a bit of fun!

    Happy sewing wishes,
    natalie jo

  2. What a Beautifully told tale of a wonderful story! You inspired us to run over and find out more about Lucy and order the book! Cant wait to see the new little velvet cushion you will be making her. Such a dreamy lovely post - Thank YoU! ~ LuV, TiGGy


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