Wednesday, 30 April 2014

An Urgent Meeting of the Yellow Hat Society.

Upon hearing news that there are going to be overseas Hittys coming to our fair shores, the Hitty girls called an urgent meeting of the Yellow Hat Society.  They have been rather neglectful of the society, their last meeting, the AGM held well over a year ago.  In fact they are rather ashamed to say they have only ever had two meetings, now this really is not good enough.

They read through the minutes of the last meeting and realise that they have not done too well on their their defence it was decided that last year just wasn't the right time for their person to assist due to health problems, but now they feel they might be able to achieve some of their aims.

They had hoped to:

Make at least one item per month
Make some PIF gifts
Finish their round rug
Make matching dresses and yellow hats for events and meetings.  

Of which none were really achieved.  They were made even more aware of this when they realised that they were still short on rather a few hats and their make shift 'yellow felt crowns' were still in circulation.  They were also rather ashamed that they hadn't made an PIFs either, something that really does need remedying.

They check through their agenda for today's meeting...although there are only four items on the list, they are going to take much discussion.

As noted, hats are indeed a priority.

Discussions on how the tea room is progressing is of course a current topic of discussion among the whole Hitty family at the moment.

One of the most important items to discuss though is setting up a UK Hitty Contingent.  Although they know of one other Hitty family living in England at the moment, this of course being very good news, as for a long time they felt they were perhaps the only ones, although there is of course another family who sadly think of themselves as the 'Not Quite Hitty's' due to some unfortunate gossip, however they are keen to reassure them that they are actually Hitty girls and are welcome any time within the Hitty community.  Anyway you can see that it is easy for them to digress...

Hitty Patience calls them all back on track..

So there being at least TWO other Hitty families in the UK it has been thought a GOOD IDEA to form a group (or committee), that will of course be welcoming to any newcomers and of course more importantly, which is what gave the RCH (Rose Cottage Hittys) and the WCD (Wren Cottage Dolls) the idea, meeting up with any overseas visitors  who come here.  What could be more exciting than to have visitors from other countries and of course making them feel welcome?  

The meeting continues....

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beginning...A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge - Set 2

Hitty Madge was so pleased with 'A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge' that she has decided she would like another set.  

Spring Blue

Lilac Rose

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Grand Plan - Viewing the Tea Room and a House Move.

Today Hitty Joyful took Hitty Granny Estelle, Hitty Ethel and Hitty Moana to see the building she had in mind for the tea room.

Hitty Ethel looks through the window.

She is very excited about what she sees

Ooh, look there is already beautiful lace trimmings around the window, she exclaims.

Look!  Hitty Joyful shows Hitty Granny Estelle.  I do believe this has already been used as a tea room in its day.  There is a little placard on the wall and also a frame for hanging a sign up.

Come on let's go inside.

They can't wait to see what the inside will be like.

Hitty Joyful tries the door.  It opens and they go inside.

Ooh just look at this space.  Hitty Granny Estelle says.  It is small, but will be very quaint and I think it will make a lovely intimate tearoom.

Hitty Joyful doesn't hear her...she is too busy looking at the knives on the wall.

Ttt..ttt...she says to herself.  These will have to go.

Meanwhile Becassine has been thinking it was high time the family moved into bigger accommodation,  she was finding it all very cramped and difficult to clean. 

She takes Hitty Cherry Jude and Hitty Annabelle to view the new property.

They all agree that it is quite suitable, but will need some decorating at some stage, but with the tearoom currently occupying most of their minds, perhaps they had just better move in for now.

They set to work moving all the furniture into the rooms.

Later that day when the others come home from viewing the prospective tearoom, they are very surprised indeed at how hard the trio have worked.

They soon make themselves at home in their new surroundings full of familiar furniture and items.

Becassine and Hitty Annabelle are exhausted after their day's work.

Hitty Granny Estelle and Hitty Carol Faith sit and have a cup of tea while Hitty Granny Estelle tells all about the tearoom she saw today.  Hitty Madge is busy fussing with the sideboard.

Hitty Cherry Jude stands quietly and watches them all pleased to see they are all happy.

Hitty Ethel immediately checks out her new sewing space and is delighted...she wants to make a design board to put on the wall in front of her sewing table.

Myself (Hitty Patience) and Hitty Joyful discuss tearoom plans...

Hitty Moana checks on Brittany and Miles to see how they have enjoyed their day.   They are happy listening to some music.

There is even a lovely little garden area for them to sit out in.

Friday, 25 April 2014

The Grand Plan continues...

Following on from the discussion  or was it meeting that Hitty Joyful held yesterday, it seems that there has been a lot of thinking going on overnight and several suggestions  have been put forward and even some volunteers to help her get the tea room up and running.

Hitty Ethel has volunteered to make little table clothes and napkins for the tables.  As the seamstress of the family, she just loves to be involved with fabric which simply delights her and she feels she is up to the challenge.

I have volunteered to do the menus and any printing and advertising that needs to be doing.

Hitty Madge and Hitty Moana have said that they would like to add a bit of ‘Kiwi’essence to the tea shop if at all possible due to their knowledge of the beautiful country and also because of the lovely tea shops and cafes that abound over there.  Hitty Madge said that they do some wonderful sandwiches, pies and savouries that she hasn’t seen here in the UK.

Hitty Joyful has reassured Becassine that she fully realises that she has enough on her plate running the Rose Cottage household alongside Hitty Granny Estelle and isn’t expecting her to do any of the preparations, but would welcome any suggestions from these two, knowing of the wealth of knowledge that the two of them have between them.

I think they are quite relieved as they were beginning to get worried that their work load was going to increase even more...there are rumours that there is another Hitty waiting to be 'born' in the wings as it is.

Hitty Carol Faith has volunteered to do any decorating, or hanging of pictures as she is the tallest and explains to Hitty Joyful how she has the ability to move her arms and legs into different is just that she can be rather unsteady on her feet at times as she is rather too flexible it seems.

Hitty Joyful is slightly worried, but then remembers that Hitty Carol Faith did reach to decorate the Cottage at Christmas time.

Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine exchange looks over Hitty Carol Faith's gesticulations.

Hitty Cherry Jude and Hitty Annabelle are not sure yet what their roles will be.

Friends of Rose Cottage, the Quimper Hittys have put forward the suggestion of having a B & B attached for any visitors who might want to come and stay.  Hitty Joyful just thinks that is a marvellous suggestion and wonders if any of the girls would like to volunteer to take on that project.  After all, they have yet to have ‘proper’ beds for themselves, although they do have several quilts and one in the making.

Hitty Granny Estelle relaxes with a cup of tea...she thinks one is needed after listening to all these Grand Plans, Becassine quite agrees with her.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hitty Joyful comes up with a wonderful idea...

Hitty Joyful gathers us all together this afternoon for an announcement.

I have this fantastic idea!  She tells us all.  We listen with anticipation wondering what her wonderful idea will be.

I'm going to open a Hitty Girls tea room.  It is going to be just wonderful!  We will offer cream teas, cakes and all sorts of little sandwiches.  What do you think?  She asks us bubbling over with excitement.

Ever practical Hitty Carol Faith asks her where the tea room will be and does she have a building or 'room' in mind.

Oh of course I do!  I have seen just the property that will be absolutely perfect!  Hitty Joy excitedly announces.

She continues to tell us all about her plans, and it is not hard to be excited with and for her.

With such bubbly enthusiasm it will be a fine tea-room indeed.

She promises to take us to see the prospective property in the next day or so.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hitty Madge visits Audley End

Today Hitty Madge had a lovely visit to Audley End House and Gardens, and is excited to show you her photos.

This beautiful house is very impressive and has lovely grounds

Wonderful tulips and pansies

Hitty Madge enjoyed wandering round.

Just look at these wonderful flowers.

She was thrilled to discover the Dolls House inside the nursery of the grand house.

She met some of the inhabitants.

Had a rest...

Is asked for a dance by the gentleman of the house.

Very charming it was as well.

She inspects the sewing box and can't wait to tell Hitty Ethel all about it and the wonderful needlework.

Just lovely.

Taking a pause out to enjoy her surroundings.

Loving the Kitchen Garden