Saturday, 8 February 2014

A busy Saturday

During the week Hitty Madge's wardrobe has been expanding.  This little cardigan that our person knitted also goes well with jeans...

and floral leggings, so great for casual wear.

A dress made from a recycled child's dress - this was very difficult to sew as the fabric frayed quite badly.  So although this dress does have roses on it, it won't be counted in the 'A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge' series.

There was enough for the green fabric for a bodice, and then it was discovered not enough for a skirt, so our person improvised and used the sleeve of a recycled dress.  It is a little bit different.

A little tote bag was made, to carry those necessary items that a lady carries around with her.

A knitted shawl for cooler weather.

Another knitted shawl in multi-coloured yarn.

Today our person had quilting group.  Hitty Madge went along with her and oversaw the it is not a surprise to any of us that she came home armed with some more dresses!  Fortunately for Hitty Madge our person was able to find enough small pieces of rose fabric to make three more dresses in the 'A Dozen Roses' series.

A Dozen Roses - Four

A Dozen Roses - Five

A Dozen Roses - Six

Last night a simple shawl was knitted and this will go nicely with both the blue and green dress in this pattern.

To make sure she actually did some 'quilting' at Quilting group a little 'I Spy' quilt was made.

Representing the months of the year.


  1. Oh My Heavens you have been on such a Sewing Bonanza - Hitty Madge is the Luckiest Hitty IMadgeinable! Did you carve her? She is absolutely darling, I Love that cardigan, and the green embroidery dress you saved - all of these dresses are truly Awesome - I think TiGGs is STomPing across Da Pond Now :)

    1. Thank you TiGGy! As you now know from previous posts, yes I carved her, she was my first attempt and I am very fond of her indeed.

  2. Hitty Madge is Wonderful and I am so Delighted to see how very Much she is inspiring you - its Very Inspiring to me too! Thank YoU!


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