Saturday, 1 February 2014

Yet more dresses for Hitty Madge!

Hitty Madge's wardrobe is steadily growing and today our person finished knitting this adaptation of  a 1957 Workbasket Knitted Dress pattern.

It was made a bit longer than the yellow knitted dress  and so this suits her a bit better.

Another summer dress...

...this time in blue.

Light blue with ditzy tulips

Camisole with H M cross stitched on the front.


  1. OOOOoooo! I like the knitted dress. So pretty. I also like the roses, and would love to send you some rose fabric but I don't think you'd get it in time.

    1. Things usually take about 5 days from the USA - so would have arrive in time as long as I got busy when they arrived! Hitty Madge would be delighted! ;-)


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