Thursday, 6 February 2014

Typing lists....

Hitty Madge has been busy in the loft room using the typewriter.

It seems she has been very industrious and has been typing herself a list or two.

Things to take...  Has she forgotten anything?

A list of Hitty friends to write to.

A little later she is found in the dining room with Hitty Granny Estelle

It seems Hitty Granny Estelle has a travelling trunk that she arrived with and has offered it to Hitty Madge for her holiday if it is suitable.

Hitty Madge is thrilled to be offered such a wonderful trunk, although does wonder if she will be able to fit all her clothes in it!


  1. We are enjoying the peek at your preparations! We wish we were coming along. We're dying to see "The Shire."

  2. Loving your storyline! Would love to swap postcards with Madge if she would like.

  3. Oooh, Hitty Madge!
    Things seem to be getting more and more exciting! Do you have a camera to take? Or perhaps you will share with your Person? Could I suggest that you may need a sun hat of some sort? Don't forget a spot of teak oil or some such, too, - strong sun can play havoc with our beautiful wooden complexions.
    With love,
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty xx

  4. Dear Hitty Madge, I think she will be an excellent traveller. Constance suggests bringing some knitting for the plane! She is looking forward to keeping in touch all the way across the Pacific Ocean from top to bottom! Say hello to the Southern Cross!

  5. Hitty Madge will be an excellent traveller and good company! Constance suggests some knitting to keep busy on the plane...She is looking forward to keeping Madge company all the way across the Pacific Ocean from top to bottom! Say hi to the Southern Cross and Clouds of Magellan!

  6. Wow what a Great trunk - it won't hold all her amazing trousseau, but it sure will hold her special items for her travels :)


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