Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Happy Birthday Hitty Madge

Lots of preparations were soon under way yesterday morning not long after Becassine's arrival.

We are amazed at how quickly Becassine seems to know just what to do and serve up.

She really has worked wonders, this food will surely delight all.

The rest of the family help get ready for the surprise party for Hitty Madge's birthday.  Plates are on the table, cups and saucers are on the sideboard, it all looks set.

Happy Birthday Hitty Madge!

What a surprise and a really lovely party with lots of goodies to eat and drink.

Hitty Madge is delighted and rather overwhelmed by it all, wondering what she has done to deserve such a wonderful, happy and thoughtful family.

A lovely party and afternoon was enjoyed by all.

A little later on....

We present Hitty Madge with her passport

Needless to say she is delighted!  Now she really CAN travel.


  1. Yay Hitty Madge - I hope she has a wonderful trip! She is lucky to be getting prepared so well by an experienced traveller!


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