Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hitty Madge has a new pinny to wear over her dresses.

Yes it has a rose theme!

Our person also got round to photographing one she finally finished the other week.  All it needed was poppers on the back!  It has long ties that cross over the back to do up - she forgot to show the back of this apron/pinny!

Hitty Madge is pretty much packed now, she has selected all the dresses that she wants to take with her...yes it exceeds her quota of seven!  We think that our person will have to weed them out a bit yet.  Still a bit of time fortunately.


  1. That Chicken apron is particularly fetching!

  2. Pinnys are important for keeping one's dress clean and tidy. We love the one with the chickens!
    We're leaving tomorrow morning. I've decided to take only one friend with me this time...Lilly. I think she will get a kick out of the earlier spring there.


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