Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hitty Madge is packed!

Hitty Madge managed to cut down on the amount of dresses she had packed to take away with her...we had to tell that really 20 dresses was far too much, especially as she had really only been allocated to take seven!  With the help of our person's husband, she managed to narrow it down to eight cotton dresses, one knit dress, one crochet dress and one dress for travelling in!  Not quite sure how she managed that!  She seems to be able to turn on her charms to anyone.

Hitty Madge has been working hard on her journal pages, but they still need some more work, but this is the latest two so far.

She then worked on packing her special bag...

It carries her clothes and her journal.

Zips up nicely.  Just look at the size compared to her little tote bag with her passport inside it!

(Not sure what the little number sticker is all about!)

She has of course her little travel pouch that she will be travelling safely in.


  1. Oh This is PerfecT! Holds all her clothes And her Journal too! I So Love what all you are doing - Cant wait to see more of Hitty Madges Adventures!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lorraine! I have been following your Kiwi Blog and have totally neglected the others and boy, was I in for a wonderful surprise!!! You have been busy getting Hitty Madge and Henry ready for The Great Adventure and all I can say is...Wow! Love all your posts!!!


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