Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A few more items for Hitty Madge's wardrobe!

Our person should be tidying and sorting, but well it seems that the allure of the sewing studio was just too much! Hitty Madge is very pleased to have had some more clothing added to her growing wardrobe.

A simple summer dress

'Cadenza' - must have at least one musically themed dress

A dozen roses - 3

A new cardigan

Loving the colours

Now an afternoon of chores is calling!


  1. Loving the pink rose dress! That is simply gorgeous. And the music print is adorable.

  2. Oh Wow, Hitty Midge is one Very Lucky Dolly! I absolutely Adore that Cadenza dress, and Love the cardigan too! I keep wanting to try sewing but I am so daft at it, but now you have me sooo wanting to knit up a lovely cardigan like that one - did you make up the pattern or find it online? Congratulations Hitty Midge on your Lovely growing Wardrobe!

  3. Oh, Hitty Madge! How did I miss this post? I love this outfit. You look wonderful in these colours.
    When you come back from your long journey of exploration, do you think your Person might share the knitting pattern with me? I'd like to make sure the Not-Quite-Hitty girls have warmer clothing next winter. They can't be as adventurous as you with only summer dresses to wear!
    J x


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