Monday, 10 February 2014

Help has arrived...

Brittany & Miles are in the covered yard with Anka and their dog Rufus.  They are checking on the rabbit and making sure all is in order after all the wind and rain that we have been having lately.

Rufus hears something....

...'Hello'  a voice calls out.

They turn round to see a visitor arriving.  

Who can she be?

Hitty Madge rushes over as she had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this special visitor.

I soon join them and we welcome Becassine who although originally from France came all the way from the USA via a transit stop with a friend in Washington.  

We have a chat about her travels and are pleased she has arrived safely.

Meanwhile Hitty Cherry Jude, rushes to tell Hitty Carol Faith, Hitty Annabelle and Hitty Joy about the new arrival.

I introduce Becassine to Hitty Ethel...Why is she wearing that hat indoors we wonder?

Fortunately Becassine is too polite to ask!

Hitty Granny Estelle rushes over to say hello and welcome to the family and asks how long she will be staying.

Well, I hope to stay forever if that is okay with you?  Becassine replies.  I have come to help you, especially while Hitty Madge is away.

Oh how wonderful!  Hitty Granny Estelle is so pleased, as she does get tired doing all the work in Rose Cottage.  Whilst we do try and help her out, we are not always so good at it...

Next I take her upstairs to introduce her to Hitty Carol Faith and the other girls.

Please excuse me not getting up.  Hitty Carol Faith explains.  I am 'ball jointed' and unfortunately my legs are all a wobble most of the time and I do find it difficult to not topple over.

Hitty Joy rushes over to say hello and with her cheerful disposition manages to bring a lovely smile to Becassine's face.

Hitty Madge explains to the girls how she arranged with help, for Becassine to come and live with them.  They are all delighted.

Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine sit down to have a cup of tea and a chat about the journey and the running of the household.  Hitty Ethel stands by to get them anything they may need...or at least that is what she says she is doing...of course she might be trying 'ear wig' in on the conversation!


  1. Bienvenue à Bécassine! how wonderful to have such a cheerful person to help out. Granny Estelle must be ecstatic!

    1. Granny Estelle is indeed ecstatic, and can't quite believe Becassine is here - it wouldn't have been possible without the help of a dear friend.

  2. Welcome to Beccasine! She makes a lovely addition to your Hitty family. Is Hitty Madge becoming a travel doll? How exciting!

    1. She is indeed a lovely addition to the Hitty family.

      Yes Hitty Madge is becoming a travel doll and is looking forward to her first trip abroad - she has started her journal, and has started packing...

  3. Oh Gosh what a Wonderful Party - All of your dolls are having such a Great time Together!!!


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