Thursday 13 February 2014

A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge for Valentines Day

Hitty Madge was very happy with her two birthday dresses which are also part of the 'A Dozen Roses' series.

Some vintage tatting/lace bought at the antiques fair in the weekend was added to both dress as trim.

This one is especially nice we think.

We were also delighted to receive some wonderful fabric in the post from Jenny and Evie and very quickly three more dresses were made (at the expense of any housework!)

This one is lovely with its soft pink roses.

This one Hitty Madge soon rejected as she said it made her feel like one of those 'toilet roll holder dolls'!  
Off with the ruffle was the verdict!

The ruffle came off and she is much happier.

Lastly is this pretty one in blues...

There are some other really delightful pieces of fabric which we are thrilled with, but have had to put the sewing machine away for now and get down to some actual housework and chores! 

A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge - finished just in time for Valentines Day.

Sadly the graphics card has gone caput in my computer...I've only had the machine a couple of years - it is an basically the machine has had it.  It is currently running on a basic one and all the pictures are distorted due to incorrect aspect ratio...but it least it works for now.  Not impressed, I thought Apples were supposed to be good for graphics.  Won't be getting another one!

Not sure how long it will work for, so won't be posting for a while now.  Will hopefully get in one more before we leave.


  1. What a lovely dozen Dresses, lucky Hitty Madge...she was very funny (and quite right) about the extra ruffle on that dress!

  2. What lovely rose pattern materials you have used for Hitty Madge's dresses. They are all lovely. You have been very busy with your sewing.

  3. Such Beautiful dresses - Hitty Madge is so Very Lucky to have Such a Talented Mum, and she has clearly inspired you Wonderfully!


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