Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A visitor is coming, Hitty Joyful's heart is all a flutter.

Hitty Joyful's heart is 'all a flutter' as she so informed us today.

She had heard some rather exciting news and couldn't wait to gather us all around

Wait!  She cried, where are Hitty Ganny Estelle and Becassine?

With Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine joining us as well she explains how she has heard that a Hitty is coming here 'by mistake'  but of course we know this Hitty planned it all....after all, it is not so out of the way really is it?  I mean Richmond, VA in USA to Auberry. CA in the USA, has to go via England surely?  Anyway all we know is this Hitty is coming here for a brief visit and has caused all sorts of bother and more than a little flutter in a fair few hearts we think.

Of course now Hitty Joyful is panicking....

Oh the tea shop - it is not ready yet, oh oh oh!  She exclaims

There is so much to do.  The hanging flowers need to be put up.

We need tables, and table clothes and oh just so much,

Granny Estelle tries to calm her down.

Becassine comes along, a calming influence.

Breath dear Hitty Joyful, we will get it finished, don't you worry.

Let's start with these plates.  Granny Estelle suggests.

You really have nothing to worry about my dear.  Just think this special Hitty has decided to take a 'slight' detour just to pop in on us on her journey, I am sure she will be delighted for a cup of tea, whether we serve in the tea shop or in the cottage.

But what's her name?  Hitty Joyful wonders.....


  1. We also wonder what her name is...she didn't whisper it to us, just jumped in the box she must have miss-addressed her self to England. What a scamp of a wee little witch she is.

  2. Such a lot of fun can happen serendipitously! Let me know when you open the Rose Cottage B&B, one of the Quimper Hittys wants to be your first customer (once your mischievous friend departs that is!)

    1. Oh a B&B, I forgot that was in the plans as well! These Hittys certainly know how to keep one on their toes. Of course, they will be absolutely delighted to welcome a Quimper Hitty!

  3. a B&B? With so many permanent residents at Rose Cottage, I'm already wondering if they have eat and sleep in shifts! Where could they put their paying guests? I see an extenson may soon need to be built at The Cottage!

    1. I think they sleep in rotation, and yes an extension is definitely needed!


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