Monday, 27 October 2014

Hitty Mischievous arrives on her travels!

Much excitement in the Hitty Household this morning when with a Wizz and a BANG,   a parcel suddenly arrives!

We are all rather excited....does this mean...?

Amidst muffle cries of 'Let me out of here!' we open the box as fast as we can.

More muffled noises as we unwrap the tissue paper.

Oh look, Hitty Mischievous has arrived!

She is pleased to be out of the box. 

She tells us it took a whole week to get here - she thought she would be here sooner as she thought she would pop over to us on her way from Richmond, VA in USA to Auberry, CA in the USA....

We explain gently that it really isn't on the way....certainly not as the crow flies!

Nevertheless, Hitty Mary Jean gives her a big hug and welcomes her, as do we all.

We explain that we have a very excited Hitty waiting to meet her.

Hitty Mary Jean leads the way.

Hitty Joyful is so surprised!  

Of course we are all so excited to have Hitty Mischievous here to visit, we were all gabbling at once welcoming her and quite forgot our manners for a while.

Shortly though Hitty Mary Jean brings over a chair.

'You must be tired after your long journey', she says.

Please, take a seat. Let me bring you a cup of tea...

'There you go', she says as she hands her the cup of English Breakfast tea.

Poor Hitty Mischievous looks rather her adventure so far, and all the excitement of her arrival....and she still hasn't visited the tea shop yet!

Hitty Moana asks her if she passed another Hitty on her way, as we are expecting a new family member....she tells us no, but she has heard that she should be here very soon...


  1. She does look a wee bit dazed. Funny how she managed to appear so competent when she helped miss-address her box to you instead of to Susan in California. Hmm. Perhaps she hides her true self well. I'm glad to note she had a safe passage.

    1. She does doesn't she? I don't think she quite realised just how far her little 'detour' was! Still she has brought beautiful sunshine with her, so we are not complaining. There is much chatter currently going on in the Cottage.

  2. It might have been better to travel on a broomstick, certainl quicker than by plane and road!

    1. Still not as long as it could have been! Although not as quick as Hitty Winifred Octavius' journey - that took just a mere four days! I think she DID use her broomstick!

  3. Or perhaps next time she could go by crow? What good luck that she landed in a household that understands the restorative properties of tea!

    1. Perhaps, now that would be an idea wouldn't it?!

  4. We're not so surprised that she looks dazed, after bump bump bump, roar, roar, bump bump, and then being greeted by thirteen excited Hittys! I'm sure she will adjust quickly and enjoy her great welcome and a great deal of chatter with her English cousins, before she goes off again bump, bump, roar roar, bump! (in the middle of the night too!) Don't forget to stamp her passport, Rose Cottage Hittys! With a UK stamp :-)

    1. Yes those sorts of rides always leave one somewhat dazed....fortunately she doesn't seem to be suffering from the dreaded jet lag.


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