Sunday, 26 October 2014

Introducing Hitty Number Five

Now we know that Hitty Winifred Octavius arrived safely in her new home we can introduce Hitty Five - who is still with-holding her name from us....  She started out as the fourth Hitty to be carved, but was actually the fifth finished.  

Hitty Five - yet to be named.

She wanted an outfit like her sister Hitty Winifred Octavius

We had to use what materials we had to hand to make their dresses and didn't have enough black for the inside brim of her hat.  There are no shops local to us that stock fabrics, felt and trimmings unfortunately, but in the true spirit of  'Make Do' that is what we did.

So tell us your name little one?

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  1. The hat is great! I like the plain lining, it is very dramatic, and the yellow rickrack is a perfect electric zap!


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