Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hitty Mischievous Visit - Day Two....Much excitement: Another arrival!

Hitty Madge takes Hitty Miss Perdita Chievous out into the garden to see the roses for which Rose Cottage gets its name.

There are quite a few roses still in bloom, and they all smell wonderful.

Hitty Mischievous enjoys the other flowers as well and tries to reach up to pick one.

A little later.....

Several of us are trying to look through the letter box opening to see if the postman is coming...

We have heard from the Hitty Witch Telegraph that our Hitty Witch might be arriving today.   With Hitty Mary Jean steadying the chair with Hitty Carol Faith trying to peer through.  Hitty Madge and Hitty Moana hold out their arms in case she falls.

Hitty Mischievous tells us to have faith...she WILL be here today!

Sure enough a little while later!

We surround the box that has just arrived and listen for noises...

this one is a lot quieter than yesterday!

We open the box and help the new comer out.

We welcome her to our midst and she explains that she had broomstick troubles....

Hitty Mary Jean in her exuberance rushes over and gives her a welcome hug. 

I don't think she quite knew what had hit her!

Hitty Mischievous holds her broom....saying something about she is sure she can 'sort out the troubles'

Hitty Mary Jean whispers in her ear to come and meet the others....but Hitty Leonarda looks a bit worried about her broomstick.

We introduce our newest resident to the rest of the Rose Cottage Hittys

We help her off with her cloak...

Hitty Madge and Hitty Mary Jean introduce her to all of us and tell her our names.

I am not sure poor Hitty Leonarda is going to remember them all at once!  She too looks rather dazed after her journey...

Fortunately Hitty Joyful is on the case, gets her to sit down and gives her a restorative cup of tea.

Much excitement and chat going on!



  1. Ooh - she made it. So glad. The postal can give them that dazed look, I've noticed. Must have been a bumpy ride.

    1. Indeed it seems to be.... still there is much chattering going on now...although Hitty Mischievous keeps eyeing up the broomstick!

    2. I'm not surprised - she hung out here with Hitty Lexie, who is the problem child at my house. In fact, that may be why she thought addressing her box to you instead of to California was a good idea. Keep an eye on her and that broomstick.

  2. I think she'll settle in with all the friendly Rose Cottage Hittys to help!


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