Saturday, 25 October 2014

Carve a Hitty & Dress as a Witch Swap - Meet Hitty Winifred Octavius.

Although she started out as our person's fifth Hitty to begin carving, she is actually the fourth to be finished - nothing like a deadline to help encourage progress!   Meet Hitty Winifred Octavius.  She likes to think she is a bit of a witch, but in reality she is simply a Hitty in an outfit that perhaps with the stretch of your imagination resembles that of a witch.  Her constant companion is Octus her faithful spider.  She is also rather proud of her purple and green stockings!

Hitty Winifred was carved for the Hitty Witch Swap on Hitty Girls. She is my first Hitty to Swap (aka give away)  so it was bit of a wrench to send her on her way.  We  just hope that our person's swap partner likes her.

We have heard from Leonarda, my swap partner, that Hitty Winifred arrived in a record five days!  We are sure she must have used some of her magic along the way.

Next up some photos of the 'backwards' progress.....

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