Friday, 17 October 2014

The making of the Civil War print dresses.

The sewing machine has been busy, six dresses have been made up from the Civil War fabrics.  

Five of us are modelling them, Hitty Madge has the sixth dress on, but is out for a walk.

From left to right we are:

Hitty Mary Jean, who is up to some mischief with hand behind Hitty Annabelle's head.  Hitty Moana who always looks quite regal in whatever she wears.  Hitty Ethel, and of course myself Hitty Patience.

Hitty Mary Jean waves hello.  she is waiting on her red pearl necklace as she says it will 'match her shoes'.

The most beautiful Hitty Moana


Hitty Annabelle and Hitty Ethel said they were tired and needed to sit down....and would have their individual photo shoots done in the morning.

In the morning there is lots of animated discussion going on, led by Hitty Mary Jean.

We are trying to work out how many more dresses need to be made...

Hitty Madge comes over to see what it is all about.

We are trying to work out how many more dresses need to be made... we have four different Civil War fabrics left.  Hitty Joyful needs a dress, as does Hitty June.  Hitty Scary said she would like one as well, and of course there is also Hitty Carol it looks like we have enough fabric!

In the meantime...we manage to get Hitty Annabelle & Hitty Ethel to pose for their individual photo.

Hitty Ethel

Hitty Annabelle

Hitty Madge has her portrait taken as well.

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