Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ten Dresses Completed!

Yeah the last four dresses were finished today so all us girls are equipped with a new Autumn/Winter dress.

First up we have Hitty Scary modelling her new dress.

Hitty June chose this blue dress.

Hitty Joyful like the Oak drress as she said it match her bead necklace

Lastly Hitty Carol Faith decided on the lighter tan/brown dress.

The four girls in their new dresses.

Hitty Carol Faith and Hitty Scary are enjoying a quiet chat beside the fire.

Hitty June and Hitty Joyful are pretending they are doing a fashion parade.

Hitty Mary Jean is very excited about what Hitty Granny Estelle has planned for dinner and claps her hands in glee.

Hitty Moana comes over for a chat.

Whilst upstairs Hitty Ethel is planning to make a shirt for Miles to keep him warm this winter.

Hitty Annabelle is chatting to the children.  Hitty Madge stops by to have a chat to me while I type up our daily doings.

The grand ten dress line up!

Hitty Madge, Moana, Annabelle, Patience, Mary Jean, June, Carol Faith, Joyful, Ethel and Scary.

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  1. I love them all! All the dresses and all the girls too...from a step back I like the browner ones best, especially Hitty Joyful's, but from close-up I think Ethel's. Those red shoes are very charming!


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