Monday, 20 October 2014

Hitty Six Finished.

Our person has been busy carving Hittys over the last couple of weeks.  Number four ended up being the fifth carving finished and a special Hitty became number four as she was finished first.   Hitty four can't be shown yet as she is on her way to the USA as part of the Hitty Girls 'Carve a Hitty and dress as a Witch Swap'  

Hitty Five, is a bit shy....actually she can't be shown yet as she is wearing a similar outfit to that of Hitty Four who is off to the USA.

But Hitty Six, is quite happy  to show her progress and finished photos.

Some more shaping in the face needed.

But she is getting there.

Taking a stroll

Rounded out the head a bit more.

In the buff!

She wanted blue and red striped stockings.

She wanted to wear a 'witches' cape and hat, so I made her one.  Her bloomers are made from the same fabric as her dress.

She seems to be looking a little worried in this photo.

Showing off her dress.

Her bloomers!

Hitty Six now has a name as well....she is Hitty Morag.


  1. Hitty Morag has a very pleasant demeanour, and may be a much needed calming influence on some of those excitable Argentine girls!.

    1. Indeed Kjerstin, but it seems Hitty Morag had other ideas and is going to join her sister Hitty Cherry who now lives locally. She is leaving home tomorrow so will be rather sad :- ( but also happy that we are spreading the Hitty love!


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