Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hitty Girls Fussy Cut Pillow Swap

These are the four pillows/cushions we made for the Hitty Girls Fussy Cut Pillow Swap.

We sent a little fact sheet to go with it, but I can't seem to paste it on here.

The Buzzy Bee is a popular toy in New Zealand, made from wood resembling a bee with rotating wings that move and make a clicking noise while the toy is being pulled along the ground.  It was designed and first produced in New Zealand in the 1930s and is now one of the most recognised items of ‘Kiwiana’

Kiwi are flightless birds endemic to New Zealand.  They are about the size of an average chicken, yet lay the largest egg in relation to their body size of any species of bird in the world.    The Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand.  It is also used as a name for New Zealanders.

Pukeko is the most common name, derived from the Maori language, for the Purple Swamphen of New Zealand.  This bird can be seen throughout New Zealand, often along the edges of motorways, beaches, etc…

The tuatara are reptiles endemic to New Zealand and are also known as the ‘World’s oldest living dinosaur!’  There are two species of tuatara, the only surviving members of their order which flourished around 200 million years ago.  

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hitty Madge is packed!

Hitty Madge managed to cut down on the amount of dresses she had packed to take away with her...we had to tell that really 20 dresses was far too much, especially as she had really only been allocated to take seven!  With the help of our person's husband, she managed to narrow it down to eight cotton dresses, one knit dress, one crochet dress and one dress for travelling in!  Not quite sure how she managed that!  She seems to be able to turn on her charms to anyone.

Hitty Madge has been working hard on her journal pages, but they still need some more work, but this is the latest two so far.

She then worked on packing her special bag...

It carries her clothes and her journal.

Zips up nicely.  Just look at the size compared to her little tote bag with her passport inside it!

(Not sure what the little number sticker is all about!)

She has of course her little travel pouch that she will be travelling safely in.

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hitty Madge has a new pinny to wear over her dresses.

Yes it has a rose theme!

Our person also got round to photographing one she finally finished the other week.  All it needed was poppers on the back!  It has long ties that cross over the back to do up - she forgot to show the back of this apron/pinny!

Hitty Madge is pretty much packed now, she has selected all the dresses that she wants to take with her...yes it exceeds her quota of seven!  We think that our person will have to weed them out a bit yet.  Still a bit of time fortunately.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge for Valentines Day

Hitty Madge was very happy with her two birthday dresses which are also part of the 'A Dozen Roses' series.

Some vintage tatting/lace bought at the antiques fair in the weekend was added to both dress as trim.

This one is especially nice we think.

We were also delighted to receive some wonderful fabric in the post from Jenny and Evie and very quickly three more dresses were made (at the expense of any housework!)

This one is lovely with its soft pink roses.

This one Hitty Madge soon rejected as she said it made her feel like one of those 'toilet roll holder dolls'!  
Off with the ruffle was the verdict!

The ruffle came off and she is much happier.

Lastly is this pretty one in blues...

There are some other really delightful pieces of fabric which we are thrilled with, but have had to put the sewing machine away for now and get down to some actual housework and chores! 

A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge - finished just in time for Valentines Day.

Sadly the graphics card has gone caput in my computer...I've only had the machine a couple of years - it is an basically the machine has had it.  It is currently running on a basic one and all the pictures are distorted due to incorrect aspect ratio...but it least it works for now.  Not impressed, I thought Apples were supposed to be good for graphics.  Won't be getting another one!

Not sure how long it will work for, so won't be posting for a while now.  Will hopefully get in one more before we leave.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Happy Birthday Hitty Madge

Lots of preparations were soon under way yesterday morning not long after Becassine's arrival.

We are amazed at how quickly Becassine seems to know just what to do and serve up.

She really has worked wonders, this food will surely delight all.

The rest of the family help get ready for the surprise party for Hitty Madge's birthday.  Plates are on the table, cups and saucers are on the sideboard, it all looks set.

Happy Birthday Hitty Madge!

What a surprise and a really lovely party with lots of goodies to eat and drink.

Hitty Madge is delighted and rather overwhelmed by it all, wondering what she has done to deserve such a wonderful, happy and thoughtful family.

A lovely party and afternoon was enjoyed by all.

A little later on....

We present Hitty Madge with her passport

Needless to say she is delighted!  Now she really CAN travel.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Help has arrived...

Brittany & Miles are in the covered yard with Anka and their dog Rufus.  They are checking on the rabbit and making sure all is in order after all the wind and rain that we have been having lately.

Rufus hears something....

...'Hello'  a voice calls out.

They turn round to see a visitor arriving.  

Who can she be?

Hitty Madge rushes over as she had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this special visitor.

I soon join them and we welcome Becassine who although originally from France came all the way from the USA via a transit stop with a friend in Washington.  

We have a chat about her travels and are pleased she has arrived safely.

Meanwhile Hitty Cherry Jude, rushes to tell Hitty Carol Faith, Hitty Annabelle and Hitty Joy about the new arrival.

I introduce Becassine to Hitty Ethel...Why is she wearing that hat indoors we wonder?

Fortunately Becassine is too polite to ask!

Hitty Granny Estelle rushes over to say hello and welcome to the family and asks how long she will be staying.

Well, I hope to stay forever if that is okay with you?  Becassine replies.  I have come to help you, especially while Hitty Madge is away.

Oh how wonderful!  Hitty Granny Estelle is so pleased, as she does get tired doing all the work in Rose Cottage.  Whilst we do try and help her out, we are not always so good at it...

Next I take her upstairs to introduce her to Hitty Carol Faith and the other girls.

Please excuse me not getting up.  Hitty Carol Faith explains.  I am 'ball jointed' and unfortunately my legs are all a wobble most of the time and I do find it difficult to not topple over.

Hitty Joy rushes over to say hello and with her cheerful disposition manages to bring a lovely smile to Becassine's face.

Hitty Madge explains to the girls how she arranged with help, for Becassine to come and live with them.  They are all delighted.

Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine sit down to have a cup of tea and a chat about the journey and the running of the household.  Hitty Ethel stands by to get them anything they may need...or at least that is what she says she is doing...of course she might be trying 'ear wig' in on the conversation!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A busy Saturday

During the week Hitty Madge's wardrobe has been expanding.  This little cardigan that our person knitted also goes well with jeans...

and floral leggings, so great for casual wear.

A dress made from a recycled child's dress - this was very difficult to sew as the fabric frayed quite badly.  So although this dress does have roses on it, it won't be counted in the 'A Dozen Roses for Hitty Madge' series.

There was enough for the green fabric for a bodice, and then it was discovered not enough for a skirt, so our person improvised and used the sleeve of a recycled dress.  It is a little bit different.

A little tote bag was made, to carry those necessary items that a lady carries around with her.

A knitted shawl for cooler weather.

Another knitted shawl in multi-coloured yarn.

Today our person had quilting group.  Hitty Madge went along with her and oversaw the it is not a surprise to any of us that she came home armed with some more dresses!  Fortunately for Hitty Madge our person was able to find enough small pieces of rose fabric to make three more dresses in the 'A Dozen Roses' series.

A Dozen Roses - Four

A Dozen Roses - Five

A Dozen Roses - Six

Last night a simple shawl was knitted and this will go nicely with both the blue and green dress in this pattern.

To make sure she actually did some 'quilting' at Quilting group a little 'I Spy' quilt was made.

Representing the months of the year.